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lovelies, i am going to be taking a hiatus from tumblr and i don’t know when i’ll be back. i’m going through the hardest thing i have ever experienced in my life so far, the sudden death of a friend and band family member, and i just can’t stand to be on this website right now. the links to my livejournal and stuff are in my about section if you want them. i’ll see you later - xoxo alayna.


John William Godward (British, 1861-1922), “Dolce Far Niente”


Joan Crawford and Clark Gable photographed for Chained (1934)


I am going to start carrying around signs that say “Free” and putting them on things that people have left unattended.

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Endpapers for ‘Princess Belle-Etoile’ illustrated by Walter Crane. Published 1909 by John Lane.

agh fuck
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